In the sense that there isn’t an ongoing war, upheaval, terror attacks, natural calamities  – YES; VERY SAFE (will update in case otherwise)

Is Kenya Safe

Nevertheless, there are safety precautions you might need to take as a tourist.


  1. Avoid downtown areas
  2. Do not walk alone in the streets, especially at night.
  3. If out clubbing, do not leave your drink unattended, even for a few minutes
  4. If in the major cities, you can use uber or any other online taxi solutions (ensure the driver has good ratings)
  5. Try to have a trustworthy local person as a point of reference, preferably a tour guide/operator
  6. Avoid using your mobile phone while in a moving car next to an open window
  7. Do not ask for directions from strangers, rather walk into a shop and ask there.
  8. Do not carry too much cash around. Just carry enough for your trip. Please note that you can use your cards in major shopping malls and supermarkets
  9. Keep your valuables out of sight
  10. Always be aware of your surroundings don’t just be oblivious
  11. If using your mobile phone or other gadgets, in the streets, apply caution.
  12. Have travel insurance with an emergency number you can call any time.



My guess is that these are normal precautions that you would take in many places all over the world.


Keep calm and enjoy your safari.


In case you have any other points to add or questions to ask, feel free to comment below.