The main attraction at Lake Nakuru National Park is well, the lake. It plays host to migratory flamingoes those adorable pink birds. Besides flamingoes, there are 56 mammal species and 450 bird species in and around the Lake. The area around the lake is wooded and bushy – not a wide open savanna like the Mara or Tsavo. White rhinos and buffaloes are also in plenty.

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Flamingoes are Lake Nakuru National Park

Flamingoes are beautiful pink birds that descend on the lake in their thousands, creating a beautiful pink carpet. There are two types of flamingoes – greater flamingoes and lesser flamingoes. One species is larger than the other but both are pink. The birds feed on blue-green algae which are found in the lake. Besides flamingo, the best attractions are game viewing and camping.

Accommodation at Lake Nakuru National Park

There are very comfortable tourist lodges at the Park. The Lake Nakuru Lodge and the Sarova Lion Hill Lodge are the main ones. If you are more a camping kind of tourist, there are several campsites available including Naishi, Rhino, Soysambu, Nyuki, Chui, Nyati and Reedbuck. There are also two public campsites known as Makalia and Backpackers.

Preparing for your trip to Lake Nakuru

Prepare to visit Lake Nakuru by packing plenty of water to drink, camping gear and a picnic. Also carry binoculars, a sunhat, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen and a good guidebook.

Where Lake Nakuru National Park is Located

The park is found 140 km away from Nairobi, near Nakuru town. Like most other National Parks, this one is found within the Rift Valley.

The Attractions of Lake Nakuru National Park

Obviously the flamingos are the major attraction, but that is not all. Bird watching at the park is fun with 450 bird species available. There are 56 species of mammals these include white rhinos, the waterbuck and the buffalo. There are three great viewpoints in the Park, and these are Lion Hill, Baboon Cliff and Out of Africa. There are also three hills there, including Honeymoon Hill, Enasoit and Lion Hill Ridge. Makalia waterfall is the other beautiful spot. This park is the largest rhino sanctuary in Kenya.

With regards to vegetation, Lake Nakuru National Park has the biggest euphorbia forest in Africa. The yellow acacia woodlands are very beautiful.

When to Visit Lake Nakuru National Park

This is one of the view parks that you can visit basically any time of the year, just be sure to check up on the migration of the flamingoes before you come in.