After settling in your Mombasa accommodation, don’t just spend your days inside your room, go out and explore! Kenya’s second-largest city has its own set of fascinating attractions that tourists should check out during their visit.

Diani Beach

This 25-km white sand beach is a popular tourist destination in Mombasa. Witness the majestic waters of the Indian Ocean, underwater sandbars, and scenic landscapes. Aside from swimming, it is also a popular site for water sports, shops and bars, and kite-surfing. There are also a number of resort accommodation in this Mombasa coastal region if you want to spend the whole trip near the beach.

Fort Jesus

This fort in Old Town was built in 1953 by the order of King Philip of Spain to protect the port of Mombasa, an important trading centre during those times. It also served as a military camp and prison by the British, Portuguese, and Arabs before being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1958. Nowadays, this place is a popular tourist destination. It houses several research programs, a conservation lab and office, and education department. When viewed from the sky, the fort is shaped like a man, hence the name, Jesus.

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve

This place is an excellent destination all year round because of its warm climate, terrific beaches, diving spots, and underwater sights. See marine life such as crabs, sea urchins, jellyfish, starfish, sea cucumbers, and as well as different varieties of coral species. There are many boats that you can hire to have guided tours in this breathtaking marine park. You can also enjoy other activities such as wind surfing, snorkelling, water skiing, sunbathing, and diving. Unfortunately, there are no nearby hotels and resorts near the site, so you need to travel to Diani beach where many Mombasa resorts are found.

Haller Park

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful nature park was once a quarry wasteland before being restored in 1971. Haller Park is now one of the most visited wildlife sites in Mombasa. Kids and adults are given the opportunity to take a close look at many animal species through guided educational tours. Visitors can also feed the hippos, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, water bucks, elands, and Oryx. Other animals that can be spotted are bush bucks, sunis, and duikers.

Golf Courses

Kenya has at least 40 golf courses. The ones in Mombasa are often visited due to its fine courses, pleasant climate, and gorgeous landscapes that offer views of the sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean and the snowy slopes of Mount Kenya. If you love golf, there are Mombasa accommodation providers that have their own courses so you can always be “tee-ready” whenever you feel like improving your swings.

Being at the crossroads of different cultures since ancient times, Mombasa is a foodie paradise. Whether it’s fine dining or a grab-and-go snack, you’ll find a variety of fresh seafood, lobster, crab and barbecued exotic game meat. Apart from authentic Chinese, Italian, Arab and French cuisine, no tourist should leave Mombasa without a taste of the local Swahili delicacies.

A Mombasa holiday can be combined with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania, to give you a feel of the range of attractions that an East African holiday has to offer.